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Green product watch: anti-wrinkle serums, best shower cleaner, and more

Here’s more of the latest news and advice on greener products, covered in the May 2010 issue of Consumer Reports and April 2010 ShopSmart.

Anti-wrinkle face serums. Compared to anti-wrinkle creams, serums are thinner and more fluid, soaking into the skin quickly. But our tests of 9 products show some inflated claims and limited results. Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum was among the priciest products tested in terms of cost per ounce and was judged slightly less effective. Get the details.

Cleaning up the shower. Most "green" shower cleaners haven’t wowed us. We found one decent choice by Green Works, called Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner, but it wasn’t great at removing mildew. Do-it-yourself cleaning recipes might be a better way to go. Learn more.

Plastic bags that have "evolved." Ziploc Evolve food storage bags claim to be greener because they’re made with less plastic than comparable Zip¬locs and because they’re made using wind power. In our tests the bags were thinner than other storage bags, but they also were pricey and of average strength. Find out more.

Avoid two no-VOC paints. Home Depot’s Freshaire Choice and Mythic Low-Luster Flat and semigloss brands are no-VOC paints. But in our tests they were not so good at coverage or durability. If you want a greener interior paint that’s durable and can save you time and money, Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a good choice. See our advice.

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