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Better BPA-free Water Bottles 11/11
(This article is adapted from the October 2011 ShopSmart magazine.)

Refillable water bottles are good for the environment and they can be good for your health. But some water bottles made from plastics can contain BPA (bisphenol A), a potentially harmful chemical, and even some aluminum bottles with certain types of liners also can contain BPA.

In fact, a July 2011 study published in the journal Chemosphere found that some aluminum bottles were lined with an epoxy resin that leached BPA into the water inside. And these bottles released even more BPA than did the plastic bottles they were meant to replace. So the study showed that switching to aluminum water bottles doesn’t necessarily prevent exposure to BPA.

Green recommendations

The Chemosphere study also had some good news: Some of the newer reusable water bottles in the tests did keep beverages BPA-free when used according to manufacturers’ recommendations. The BPA-free bottles were:
Uncoated stainless steel bottles— brands tested: Sigg and Steel Works
Plastic bottles made of Tritan copolyester— brand tested: Nalgene
(Note: Tritan has not been fully assessed for toxicity.)
Aluminum bottles lined with EcoCare copolyester— brand tested: Sigg
In addition, the materials in the following four bottles are recommended, although Consumer Reports has not actually tested these bottles in its labs.
Klean Kanteen Reflect ($33) made of stainless steel with a sustainably-harvested bamboo lid.

Vapur ($10-$16) made of a plastic called polyethythene, which is bonded to two layers of nylon for strength and durability. This bottle folds up. So it’s easy to take along when it’s empty.

LifeFactory Glass Bottle ($20-$22) made of glass, enclosed in a non-slip silicone sleeve.

Camelbak Better Bottle Stainless Insulated ($30) made of stainless steel, with no coatings or liners.
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