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New food safety “hub” on Consumer Reports Online 4/14

Our approach to risk communication 8/13

Consumer Reports Food Safety and Sustainability Center Arsenic Report 11/14

FDA data show arsenic in rice, juice and beer 2/14

Comment of Consumer Reports regarding FDA draft guidance for industry: Arsenic in apple juice 11/13

FDA arsenic-in-rice findings underscore concerns about long-term safety 9/13

Arsenic in your food 11/12

Consumer Reports Applauds FDA for Issuing Proposed Apple Juice Guidance 7/13

Federal limits on arsenic in food and beverages still not in place 4/13

Consumers Union calls on EPA to ban arsenic-containing pesticides 1/13

ABC News Video: Arsenic Levels in Rice: What Does it Mean for Your Health?

Bill to limit arsenic in rice proposed in Congress 9/12

FDA also finds levels of arsenic in rice comparable to Consumer Reports' findings 9/12

Health alert: Arsenic in rice 9/12

New study finds arsenic in infant formula, cereal bars 2/12

New federal bill to limit arsenic and lead in juices 2/12

Consumer Reports discloses additional data from its arsenic tests 12/11

New study focuses on arsenic in rice 12/11

FDA just says no to arsenic in chicken 6/11

Consumers Union calls for complete ban on antibiotics in organic chicken 1/14

The high cost of cheap chicken 12/13

Playing chicken . . . safely 12/13

Letter to the President from The Antibiotic Working Group 10/13

CDC report shows growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance 10/13

Consumer Reports investigation: Talking turkey 6/13

Don't let ground turkey make you sick 6/13

Health alert: What's in pork? 1/13

Meat on drugs: Antibiotics are widely used by U.S. meat industry 6/12

Double win for kids’ safety in new BPA & arsenic rules 8/13

BPA update: what you need to know 3/12

Some well-known holiday canned foods contain BPA 11/11

Better BPA-free Water Bottles 11/11

California joins 10 other states in banning BPA from infant feeding containers 10/11

Simple strategies can reduce BPA levels 3/11

FDA acknowledges BPA risk 2/10

Foodborne illness
The high cost of cheap chicken 12/13

Playing chicken . . . safely 12/13

Handle chicken safely 12/14

Dr. Urvashi Rangan on CBS Morning News 12/13

Consumers Union Supports California’s Ban on Battery Cages, Joins Amicus Brief 6/14

Statement from Dr. Urvashi Rangan on Foster Farms Recall 7/14

Dr. Urvashi Rangan talks to NY radio host Leonard Lopate about food poisoning 11/13

Salmonella scare not limited to Foster Farms chicken, Consumer Reports says 10/13

Consumer Reports finds dangerous strain of salmonella in a sample of Foster Farms chicken 10/13

CDC Feature: When Food Bites Back: Protecting Those at Risk for Listeria Food Poisoning 6/13

Consumer Reports investigation: Talking turkey 6/13

Has your beef been mechanically tenderized? 6/13

Peanut butter recall shows need for tougher food safety rules 10/12

Why isn’t our food safer? 9/12

Safer eats: How to avoid foodborne illness 7/12

Food safety alert: Salmonella in ground turkey meat 8/11

Organic ground beef recalled due to possible E coli contamination 1/11

The truth about eggs and salmonella 10/10

Egg Recall Grows: CU calls for action on food-safety laws 8/10

Bagged salad: How clean? 3/10

How safe is that chicken? 1/10

Mad cow disease
Mad cow case highlights need for further investigation and better testing 5/12

Metals: lead, mercury, & aluminum
Consumer Reports Mercury in Fish Recommendations Methodology 8/14

What does new limit for child lead poisoning mean for your family? 5/12

CDC advisory group proposes lower limit for lead poisoning in children 1/12

Preservatives & additives
Dr. Rangan testifies to FDA on food additive safety 12/14  new! 

Gums in your food and why you should care 9/14

Federal Trade Commission responds to CU’s caramel color request 4/14

Q & A on caramel color 3/14

Caramel color: The health risk that may be in your soda 1/14

Consumer Reports test results for 4-MeI in soft drinks 2/14

Genetically modified
Consumer Reports Food Center for Safety and Sustainability's Materials on GMOs in Soy and Corn 10/14

In New England, two victories and a loss for GMO labeling 2/14

Genetically Engineered (GE) Food - What You Need to Know 11/13

National groups join Illinois consumers to rally for GMO labels at Senate hearing 10/13

Testimony on New York bill to require labeling of GE food 8/13

Regulation & legislation
Consumer Groups Urge Federal Agencies to Support Global Ban on Animal Drugs Prohibited in U.S. 08/13

CU calls FDA action on antibiotics important first step, but more action needed 12/13

Playing chicken . . . safely 12/13

Federal Trade Commission responds to CU’s caramel color request 4/14

Federal limits on arsenic in food and beverages still not in place 4/13

Consumers Union Urges EPA to Deny Approval of Toxic Herbicide Cocktail 8/14

Food-safety legislation aims to stop deadly outbreaks 1/13

Consumers Union calls on EPA to ban arsenic-containing pesticides 1/13

New federal bill to limit arsenic and lead in juices 2/12

FDA uses new power to shut down Sunland peanut butter plant 11/12

FDA looking into safety of energy drinks 11/12

FDA acts to reduce use of antibiotics in animals 4/12

Bill to limit arsenic in rice proposed in Congress 9/12

EPA approves 2 insecticides to control stink bugs 7/11

Video: Protecting our food supply 10/11

FDA report addresses safety concerns with imported goods 6/11

Survey Shows Consumers are Misled by Food Labels, Expect More 6/14

New Ecolabel Review: Non-GMO Project Verified 6/14

Ban Natural petitions 6/14

America's Most Wanted Food Labels Conference - Infographic on Labels 9/14

Voices rise against misleading food labels 12/14  new! 

Upholding organic integrity: toddler formula complaint 11/14  new! 

Consumer Reports Comments to the National Organic Standards Board Meeting 10/14

Ban 'Natural' on Food Labels: Sweat Tea 8/14

New York Times “Room for Debate:” Banning the Natural Label 11/14

Upholding organic integrity: National Organic Standards Board meeting 11/14

Caramel Color and “Natural” Labeling: FDA responds 01/15  new! 

Senators urge an end to misleading animal welfare labeling 1/15  new! 

Organic Vote Victory for Consumers: Statement from Consumer Reports' Dr. Urvashi Rangan 4/14

Labels on chicken: find out what they really mean 12/13

Don't fall for menu labeling traps 1/14

Call for misleading or confusing labels 3/14

“Organic” Aquaculture Concerns 3/14

Consumers Union submits comments to National Organic Standards Board 4/14

Consumers Union calls for complete ban on antibiotics in organic chicken 1/14

Consumer Reports' Organic Food Labels Survey 4/14

CR expert Dr. Urvashi Rangan comments to the National Organic Standards Board 4/14

Can soil-less agriculture be Certified Organic? 2/14

Consumers Union advocates for organic integrity 10/13

Consumers Union urges the phase-out of antibiotics in organic apple and pear orchards 3/14

CU hails historic Connecticut legislature vote on labeling genetically engineered food 6/13

USDA releases long-awaited proposed rule on labeling mechanically tenderized meat 6/13

Modern labels: The good, the bad, the ugly and why we need them 3/13

Consumers Union positions on antibiotics in meat and poultry production 3/13

American Academy of Pediatrics weighs in on organic food 10/12

Experts say: Don't give up on organic food 9/12

Do you know where your bottled water comes from? 7/12

Video: “From Fables to Labels” 2/12

Mystery fish:The label said red snapper, the lab said baloney 10/11

Food fight breaks out over 'corn sugar' 5/11

Forget greenwashing. It's about greenbashing 3/11

What makes a good eco-label? 11/11

Seafood Solutions to pay $1 million for false labeling of fish 2/12

Why some organic products fall short 8/09

Archived - Food-labeling poll 2008

Archived - Food-labeling poll 2007 7/07

Nutrition & health
Fat facts and fat fiction 2/13

Five hot tips for successful winter grilling 1/13

Diet plan buying guide 01/13

Ditch the fat-free salad dressing, and other tips for cooking healthier in 2013 1/13

Health alert: Energy-drink caffeine 12/12

Food safety when the power goes out 10/12

Health benefits of pumpkin 10/12

Finding clean water after a flood 10/12

Healthy lunches kids will love 9/12

Eat local, eat healthy 8/12

Which frozen treats are better? 7/12

The truth about whole grains 7/12

Is fortified food really good for you? 5/12

Four ‘functional foods’ worth trying 5/12

Health alert: Kicking the caffeine habit 5/12

Health alert: Where caffeine hides (Part two ) 5/12

Tasty toppings for fresh bagels 5/12

Despite negative findings, fish oil still benefits many 4/12

Schools encourage reusable lunch packaging 10/11

Pack a greener lunch 9/11

Cranberries vs. antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infections? 7/11

Five vegetables that deserve a second chance 7/11

The scoop on probiotics 8/11

Healthy bread: White is the new brown? 6/11

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