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July 23, 2016

Food Safety and Sustainability Center
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Animal welfare on organic farms: USDA's National Organic Program proposes rule change 6/16
Fix the "Natural" Label: Consumers Union documents submitted to the FDA 5/16
Routine Drug Use in Livestock and Poultry - What Consumers Can Do 11/15
Organic Integrity: CR comments to the National Organic Standards Board 10/15
Antibiotic use in organic chicken hatcheries: USDA responds to CR Letter 9/15
Consumer Safety and Sustainability Group: Beef Report 8/15
Labels on Beef: Helping You Make Sustainable Choices 8/15
Shrimp: CR's Food Safety & Sustainability Center report and letters to the FDA 4/15
From Crop to Table: Pesticide Report (CR Food Safety & Sustainability Center) 3/15
CR special report: Pesticides in your produce 3/15
CU's 1998 Report - WORST FIRST: High-Risk Insecticide Uses, Children’s Foods and Safer Alternatives
National Organic Standards Board: What’s on the agenda for the Fall 2015 meeting? 9/15
Tell the FDA to be honest with food labeling 3/15
CR scientists publish paper on soda risks 2/15
GMO foods: What you need to know 2/15
Caramel Color and “Natural” Labeling: FDA responds 01/15
Senators urge an end to misleading animal welfare labeling 1/15
Upholding organic integrity: toddler formula complaint 11/14
Dr. Rangan testifies to FDA on food additive safety 12/14
Voices rise against misleading food labels 12/14
New York Times “Room for Debate:” Banning the Natural Label 11/14
Upholding organic integrity: National Organic Standards Board meeting 11/14
Consumer Reports Food Safety and Sustainability Center Arsenic Report 11/14
Conference Infographic on Labels 9/14
Consumer Reports Comments to the National Organic Standards Board Meeting 10/14
Consumer Reports Food Center for Safety and Sustainability's Materials on GMOs in Soy and Corn 10/14
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