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Fresh or processed fruits, vegetables, grains, juices

ORGANIZATION: Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., doing business as SCS Global Services




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What this seal means 

Is the seal verified?

Yes. Compliance with the standard is verified through testing.

Is the meaning of the seal consistent?

Yes. All requirements in the SCS Pesticide Residue Free Certification Standard have to be met.

Are the standards publicly available?

Yes. The SCS Pesticide Residue Free Certification Standard is available on the SCS website.

Is the organization free from conflict of interest?

Standards development:Yes. The directors of SCS Global Services vote on the final standards. SCS Global Services is financially independent from its clients and receives no financial backing from any institution with an interest in representing its clients or their products. SCS Global Services has an extensive policy to avoid conflicts of interest among its directors.

Verification: Yes. SCS Global Services has a conflict of interest policy that requires individuals involved with verification to declare potential conflicts of interest, and prohibits them from conducting work on behalf of SCS Global Services if there is a conflict of interest.

Were the standards developed with broad public and industry input?

Standards development: Yes. The standards were developed with input from various stakeholder groups, including non-profit organizations such as the Pesticide Action Network, National Resource Defense Council, and others. The initial draft was also reviewed by several government agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission.

Standards updates: Yes. Standards are updated in collaboration with various stakeholders. Proposed revisions are shared with stakeholders including non-profit organizations, academics, and producers who participate in the program. Revised drafts are posted for public comment on the website, where revisions are announced. 

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