The natural diet of beef cattle and dairy cows consists of grass and grass-based forage. But the vast majority of cattle raised for beef and dairy in the U.S. are fed grain, like corn and soy, to fatten them up more quickly and increase their milk production. Feeding grain comes at a cost to their health and to the nutritional value of the meat and dairy they produce.

A "grass fed" claim on the label of a beef or dairy product doesn't necessarily mean that the animals were fed 100% grass and no grain; all beef cattle and dairy cows are fed some grass. Even if the label makes a "100% grassfed” claim, you should know that it isn't necessarily third-party verified. 

Learn more about the "grassfed" claim on meat and dairy labels.

So look for the seals and logos listed below, which all mean that beef cattle and dairy cows were 100% grassfed with no grain, and that the claim was third-party verified.